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  • Retailers Focus on Cleaning to Get Customers Back

    Posted on July 14 2020

    Retailers attract and retain customers in many ways. Customer service, advertising, pricing, store layout and a convenient location have all been ways retailers try to set themselves apart. Since COVID-19, there is another decision-making factor that customers consider; the cleanliness of the store. Customers want to know if a store is clean and “COVID safe”.

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  • Should You Clean the Air in Your Home?

    Posted on May 30 2020

    Americans spend around 90 percent of their time indoors amongst two to five times more air pollutants that are found outdoors. Some of the factors that make indoor air quality poorer than outdoor air are mold, pollen, dust, and cleaning products.

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  • How to Use and Care for a Mask

    Posted on April 23 2020

    As we continue to adjust to the new realities of living through a historic pandemic, one major adjustment for many of us is the use of face masks in day to day life. Although in many parts of the world, seeing someone covering their face in day to day life is typical, this has not been the reality for most of us. The reality is, there is more to wearing and caring for a mask than just putting it on your face.

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  • How to Properly Clean Items to avoid COVID19

    Posted on March 16 2020

    At the ServiceMaster Clean of Naples, we want you to know how to maintain a clean environment during the COVID-19 hysteria. In addition to washing your hands for at least 20 seconds several times a day, especially after touching potentially infected items, it is important to sanitize other  things in your home or your workplace. Here are some of the tips recommended for cleaning various items to avoid an infection.

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  • Water Cleaning Drone?

    Posted on March 05 2020

    Our phones, homes, and cars get smarter by the day. So, why shouldn’t we have smart cities, too? Likewise, cleaning our public land areas like parks is routine. So, why shouldn’t we be cleaning our waterways? One Atlanta startup tech company is making a big splash when it comes to smartening up our cities and cleaning up their waterways. The goal is to sell government entities aquatic drones to both help them log water quality data in real-time and clean up pollution and waste.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Tricks

    Posted on February 16 2020

    When you want to have a home that is beautiful and sanitary, it is essential to perform a variety of cleaning tasks. You might think that maintaining a home's carpeting is a difficult task, but there are several easy tips that you can use to make your life easier. Here is a list of the best ways to keeping your carpets clean.

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  • My Carpet Smells after Cleaning it

    Posted on October 03 2019

    It is frustrating when you have your carpet cleaned or clean it yourself and expect a good smelling house. Unpleasant odors make you think the carpet cleaning was not successful. Many people wonder why their carpet sometimes smells worse after cleaning. One of the main reasons this odor occurs after cleaning is the back of the carpet is wet.

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  • Carpet Cleaning using Encapsulation Saves Time and Money

    Posted on September 15 2019

    Carpet cleaning with “encapsulation” is a low-moisture method that’s a practical alternative to hot water extraction methods.

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  • 3 Simple Steps to a Clean Mattress

    Posted on September 01 2019

    Sleeping in a clean bed is the most relaxing feeling in the world. Crawl into your bed between clean smelling sheets and you will drift off into a serene, relaxing sleep. Even though those clean sheets have you enraptured by their scent, they may be hiding a dirty mattress that would make you cringe. Go ahead, peel off that clean sheet and look at the surface underneath. Consider the drool, sweat, dandruff and other bodily fluids that make it through your sheets and onto your bed.

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  • How Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Can Be More Beneficial Than Cleaning Carpets Yourself

    Posted on August 15 2019

    One way to keep the interior of your home smelling fresh and keep the floor looking beautiful is to have the carpet cleaned every once in a while. If you rent a home or apartment, you'll usually need to have a carpet cleaning done if it's a part of the lease agreement or you're going to be moving out. But even for homeowners, having clean carpets can be more beneficial for the interior environment such as preventing the spread of germs, eliminating odors, and having a welcoming sight for both you and any guests you invite over. Now the option that you may be weighing is whether or not you should try and clean your carpet on your own by borrowing or renting equipment, or whether you should hire a professional cleaning company like Servicemaster. Here's a few reasons you may find hiring professionals may be better.

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