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  • Rid Yourself of Carpet Beetles

    Posted on July 20 2019

    So the tiny, multicolored insects in your rugs are Carpet what? Well, you're going to want to address the problem immediately. Carpet Beetles (and their larva especially) have voracious appetites and will feed on anything made with natural fibers. Your rugs, furniture, linens, curtains, and clothing are all at risk. Also, Carpet Beetles breed very quickly, so you're going to want to get ahead of this right now.

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  • What You Should Do To Get Nail Polish Removed From Your Carpet

    Posted on July 09 2019

    There are so many things that are aggravating to see spill on your carpet from pet urine, soda, chemical cleaning fluid and others. But one of the most difficult stains to remove is one that comes from a nail polish spill. This is one you want to get cleaned up quickly not only so that you don't see a rough looking carpet, but also so you don't have to deal with extremely potent smells coming from it. Cleaning up nail polish is something you have to do carefully to make sure you don't make the stains bigger, or allow them to penetrate deeper into your carpet. The following methods could work, but if they don't you should get a hold of our professional carpet cleaning team.

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  • Cleaning with Baking Soda

    Posted on June 30 2019

    Far more than a chemical compound, baking soda is also a multifaceted cleaning agent. From pesky stains to mold and mildew, baking soda has the power to eradicate harsh blemishes. This solvent works best when used as a paste. Best of all, creating the mixture is exceedingly simple. All you’ll need is one cup of baking soda, a bowl, and water. After adding the cup of baking soda to a bowl of your choice, gingerly add water until you’ve accomplished a toothpaste-like texture. From there, begin using your eco-friendly elixir as the grime-fighting solution that it is. Here are some hard-to-clean surfaces that baking soda effortlessly purifies.

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  • How to Clean Shower Grout

    Posted on June 22 2019

    Grout cleaning of a shower can feel like a huge undertaking. It’s fairly easy to keep the shower tiles clean, but grout shows everything. Grout is hard to clean, and gets stained easily due to it’s porousness. Soap scum can be a real difficulty. A humid area, such as the shower, can lead to the buildup of mildew and mold, particularly on grout. Here are some simple ways to tackle this problem.

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  • Does Your Apartment Lease Protect You Against Carpet Stains And Damage?

    Posted on May 30 2019

    When it comes time that the tenant vacates the apartment, there are some landlords who are unclear about who is actually responsible for the carpet cleaning. A well written lease should clearly indicate that exiting tenants must leave an apartment broom clean and as it was delivered to them at the start of their lease term. Any normal wear and tear on the apartment is taken into account.

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  • Hot Water Extraction vs Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

    Posted on May 20 2019

    Carpet is an investment most people only desire to change every few years. How a carpet is cleaned can extend or limit the life of it. Bonnet and truck-mounted extraction are two types of carpet cleaning methods. It is helpful to know the history of how the carpet has been cleaned, consider your budget and time when choosing a method.

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  • What to Expect from ServiceMaster Clean of Naples

    Posted on April 19 2017

    When the cleanliness of your home or office is one of your main concerns, there are a few decisions to be made. You will need to choose who will be responsible for keeping everything clean, if you prefer hiring actual professional such as ServiceMaster Clean of Naples and what kind of services you prefer benefiting from. It all begins with the condition in which you prefer your residence or workplace to be in. Obviously, as all of your clients, you prefer to be rest assured that the entire place will be clean as a whistle at all times.

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