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Carpet is an investment most people only desire to change every few years. How a carpet is cleaned can extend or limit the life of it. Bonnet and truck-mounted extraction are two types of carpet cleaning methods. It is helpful to know the history of how the carpet has been cleaned, consider your budget and time when choosing a method.

The bonnet cleaning method is fast, and the equipment is easy to use. No special skills are needed to operate the machinery. The cost of bonnet cleaning is low compared to the truck-mounted extraction method. It is a wonderful method for quick cleanings and maintaining areas that are used regularly.

A spinning floor machine is used for the bonnet cleaning method. The pad attached is soaked with a cleaning mixture. Dirt attaches itself to the pad as the machine is in motion. Bleach in the cleaning mixture polishes the carpet. The mixture helps the carpet appear shiny and clean.

The most commonly used bonnet cleaning method is effective, but as it removes dirt cleanser is pushed into the carpet. Cleanser pushed into the carpet can cause more dirt. The most productive bonnet cleaning method is liquid encapsulation. Carpet is sprayed with cleaning mix first, and then the spinning floor machine is used. Dirt rises from the carpet into a foam mixture and is then vacuumed.

Truck-mounted extraction carpet cleaning cost more than the bonnet cleaning method, but the method has more benefits. Carpet is cleaned more thoroughly with less cleaning mixture. This extends the life of the carpet.

A truck with a hose mounted to it is used with the truck-mounted extraction carpet cleaning method. Hot water and cleanser are released into the carpet. The force of the water and its temperature loosens the dirt in the carpet. After the dirt is loose, it is vacuumed by a hose. The best results can be achieved by combining the correct amount of chemical, water temperature, water pressure and suction.

The bonnet and truck-mounted extraction carpet cleaning methods have advantages and disadvantages. An increased amount of chemicals are used with the bonnet method, this can limit the life of carpet. The movement of the cleaning pad can cause the carpet to fray, also. Cleaning carpet with the truck-mounted method involves a large amount of water. The water amount used can possibly separate the carpet or cause mildew. Skilled labor is required to use the machinery, and the cost of equipment is expensive.

Carpet owners desire clean and well cared for carpet. Bonnet cleaning and truck-mount extraction are different methods that aim to get the same result.  The tried and true method of hot water extraction carpet cleaning is recommended by the American Floor Covering Aliance and has been proven to get carpet cleaner without damaging the fibers.  The key to hot water extraction is hiring a company that has been trained on the proper method to ensure use of clean water, proper chemicals and proper machinery to ensure water does not cause mold or mildew damage. 

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